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Intuitive TEK Wins the 2017 Adaptive Insights Worldwide Partner of the Year Award

At the Adaptive Insights Worldwide Partner Summit in San Francisco, CA, Adaptive Insights announced its winners, and IntuitiveTEK was at the top of the heap. IntuitiveTEK received the 2017 Adaptive Insights Worldwide Partner of the Year Award. Adaptive Insights, a leader in cloud-based corporate performance management solutions, awarded IntuitiveTEK for its outstanding achievement in customer satisfaction, retention and sales.

Partnering with Adaptive Insights since 2010, Intuitive...

Adaptive Insights Surpasses $100M in Annualized Revenue as Cloud Planning Market Expands

Adaptive Insights Surpasses $100M in Annualized Revenue

Joins Elite Group of SaaS Companies to Achieve Milestone

Adaptive Insights, a leader in strategic corporate performance management (CPM), announced it has achieved two significant $100 million dollar milestones as the company continues to drive sales of cloud planning software worldwide. Adaptive Insights has crossed the $100 million revenue threshold, for the trailing 12 months, and has $100 million in annual recurring subscriptions under contract, two recognized indicators of s...

Intuitive TEK Now Offering Process Consulting Program

Intuitive TEK Process Consulting

Your planning process can let you down if your plan is inaccurate or out of date, or lacks buy-in. This is particularly true if it falls short of being strategic enough to drive business success. A problem like this may make you wish for someone to find the holes in your process. If that ...

CFO Indicator Q1 2016 Report

CFO Indicator Q1 2016 Report

Big Data, Better Vision: The Agile CFO

As CFOs take on a broader, strategic role in the organization, they are faced with both challenges and opportunities in the form of big data. Big data is impacting every aspect of business today, with the sheer volume, sources, and veracity demands of data continuing to increase. But it is big data’s potential that is charting the course for strategic CFOs. As they respond in real time to macroeconomic, in...

How Do You Transform Planning from Tactical to Strategic?

What’s holding you back in your planning?

Proper planning is a key factor to business growth. We believe proper planning is continuous planning. With Adaptive Insights, you can integrate continuous planning into your budgeting and financial planning. Intuitive TEK provides expert advice on these continuous planning concepts that transform planning from tactical to strategic:

  • Better Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Active Planning: Plan and Adapt Without Compromise

Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Suite, plan and adapt without compromise

Adaptive Insights provides a cloud corporate performance management (CPM) solution that automates collaborative planning, reporting, and analysis of both operational and financial data, and financial consolidation. With Adaptive Insights, you get a best-practice, active plan...

Break Free from the Spread Sheet Process

Break free from the spread sheet process

Because of limitations in planning tools, finance teams compromise between getting the plan right and just getting it done.

The issues with utilizing Excel as a budgeting, forecasting and reporting tool:

Excel is NOT a business management application. It is a personal productivity tool.

Excel was never designed to provide a collaborative system for financial management. The man...

Customer Success Story: IDEA Public Schools

IDEA Public Schools Finds a Thought Partner in Intuitive TEK’s Solution-Oriented Team 

Intuitive TEK’s consistency and smart, responsive staff make it an essential partner for IDEA Public Schools.

Successful non-profit charter school networks tend to expand rapidly. To support the ambitious academic and financial goals that come with expansion, leaders need to be informed decision-makers. Having quick access to the whole data p...

Customer Success Story: Western Container Corporation

Western Container Greatly Benefits from Intuitive TEK’s Tailored Model Creation of Adaptive Insights

Intuitive TEK’s understanding of Western Container’s changing needs helps finance get the most out of Adaptive Insights.

In manufacturing, change is inevitable—especially when companies strive to stay cutting edge and competitive. When technology, cost of materials and machinery change, FP&A needs to keep up the pace....

Customer Success Story: XenoPort

Intuitive TEK’s Problem Solving and Amazing Knowledge of Adaptive Insights Take the Stress off XenoPort

Intuitive TEK’s quick thinking and expertise help XenoPort’s VP and CFO swiftly solve a cash flow formula issue.

The Biotech industry is wrought with volatility. Among other factors, it depends on the success of clinical trials and FDA acceptance, so being able to plan alternate scenarios for budgets and forecasts is essenti...

Customer Success Story: Ascend Public Charter Schools

Ascend Public Charter Schools Makes the Grade with Intuitive TEK’s Stellar Implementation and Training

Intuitive TEK’s training and charter school expertise help Ascend Public Charter Schools expand its budgeting process.

Charter schools can change at the speed of light. In 2018, Ascend Public Charter Schools jumped from three schools to 10 and plan to add two more next year. With fast-paced growth, it’s vital for FP&A too...

Customer Success Story: Lunds & Byerlys

Lunds & Byerlys Touts Intuitive TEK’s Expert Implementation, Team and Negotiation Skills

Intuitive TEK’s professionalism and excellent service help Lunds & Byerlys be better financial planners with Adaptive Insights.

Retail is a unique industry with unique needs. And planning is king. To be successful with the planning process, leaders need to know what the plan is, how they are performing compared to plan, how to determine ...

Customer Success Story: Blood Systems

Blood Systems Keeps Abreast of Adaptive Insights’ Latest Innovations Through Intuitive TEK’s Support

Intuitive TEK’s timely implementation and attentive customer service help Blood Systems meet its goals.

Manufactures like Blood Systems need to be able to consolidate complex data from nationwide divisions and manufacturing facilities to be successful at production planning, reporting and budgeting. Detailed planning is ne...

Customer Success Story: Ryan Companies

Ryan Companies Finds an Indispensable Resource in Intuitive TEK for Its Budgeting Process

Exceptional training from Intuitive TEK’s staff gets Ryan Companies’ accounting team up and running with Adaptive Insights without a hitch.

Construction is an intricate industry that requires quick, dependable budgeting, streamlined finance processes and reliable organization-wide data. This cannot be properly executed with error-prone systems ...

Customer Success Story: Peak Vista

Intuitive TEK and Peak Vista Community Health Centers Partner to Discover New Ways to Use Adaptive Insights

Peak Vista seeks out Intuitive TEK’s guidance to get the most out of Adaptive Insights’ convenient features.

The nonprofit sector of healthcare has unique demands when it comes to finance. Not only do finance teams need to create budgets for each department, they often need to manage grant funds and awards, and project staffin...

Customer Success Story: HealthEast

HealthEast Greatly Benefits from Intuitive TEK’s Positive Approach to New Implementations

Intuitive TEK’s expertise and flexibility help HealthEast make seamless updates and “ouchless” transitions.

Healthcare is a dynamic industry with many moving parts. It depends on automated systems to quickly and accurately manage everything from human resources to all-things finance: budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting. I...

Customer Success Story: OneAZ Credit Union

OneAZ Credit Union Finds a Trusted Advisor in Intuitive TEK When Leveraging Adaptive Insights’ Capabilities

Professional support from Intuitive TEK’s helpful staff keeps OneAZ abreast of Adaptive Insights’ bells and whistles.

Today, credit unions demand hassle-free financial reporting that comes from a single source of trusted, up-to-date data. OneAZ Credit Union uses Adaptive Insights for just that: fresh, live and reliable b...

Customer Success Story: Achievement First

Intuitive TEK Helps Achievement First Move Beyond Excel for Budgeting

Adaptive Insights enables Achievement First’s finance team to spend more time analyzing budgets and less time doing repetitive, manual tasks.

Charter schools need speedy tools to help them forecast their monthly spending and expenses. They also need to be able to develop their budgets for each coming fiscal year. When dealing with a network of schools, Excel just doesn&...

Customer Success Story: MAX Credit Union

MAX Credit Union Leans on Intuitive TEK to Get the Most out of Adaptive Insights

When pressing finance questions arise in Adaptive Insights, Intuitive TEK’s speedy support keeps Max Credit Union in the know.

Now more than ever, financial institutions need to quickly assess trends, cut down on research time and easily access reports to achieve business success. And that’s exactly what Adaptive Insights delivers to Max Credit Union. M...

Customer Success Story: Goodwill Industries of Denver

Goodwill Cuts Financial Planning & Analysis Process by 50% with Cloud-Based Adaptive Suite

Goodwill Cuts Financial Planning & Analysis Process by 50% with Cloud-Based Adaptive Suite

Nonprofit improves data integrity, creates collaborative FP&A process with Adaptive Planning, part of the Adaptive Suite.

“Moving from our Excel-based financial models to Adaptive Planning was transformational. It saved everyone involved an incredible amount of time.” – Mike Pritchard, ...

Customer Success Story: Power/mation


Power/mation Streamlines Financial Processes and Gains Insights to Better Serve Diverse Industrial Automation Customer Base

Power/mation is a high tech automation distributor of sensors, motion control, robotics, linear actuators, AC and DC variable speed drives, power transmission and torque devices, programmable logic controllers, SCADA solutions, operator interface panels, safety products, network and communications solu...

Customer Success Story: PlayNetwork

PlayNetwork Embraces Financial Planning and Analysis and Cloud-Based Tools to Improve Business Decisions in Fast-Paced Entertainment Media Services Market

PlayNetwork Embraces Financial Planning and Analysis and Cloud-Based Tools to Improve Business Decisions in Fast-Paced Entertainment Media Services Market

With the help of Intuitive Tek, PlayNetwork adopts Adaptive Suite to incorporate analytics and gain insights to improve profitability.

In the entertainment media services industry, companies must gauge ever-changing consumer desires and provide to th...


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